Catalyst Recovery Filtration Systems

Catalyst Recovery Filter Filtration System
Catalyst Recovery Filter Filtration System
Filtration & recovery of expensive noble metal catalysts has been a challenging unit-operation in the pharmaceutical / chemical process industry. Noble metal catalysts being highly reactive as well as expensive, demand specially designed systems to minimize atmospheric contact as well as to minimize losses by way of spillages.


We at Kumar Process have pioneered unique designs & have over 100 installations successfully functioning over the past decade. Reaction mass samples from customers are rigorously analyzed by automatic machines to study the catalyst properties. The filterability as well as the catalyst recovery procedures are tested by conducting lab / pilot scale trials. Thus our in-house test facilities along with our expertise contribute strongly in the development of highly customized filtration systems.


Salient features of our Catalyst Recovery filtration Systems are:
  1. Cleanable SS316 L filter media offered. Zero recurring cost as the filter media can be cleaned and reused for a number of years
  2. Initial recirculation not needed, as clear filtrate is obtained by single pass filtration. Hence time & energy are saved
  3. Expensive Noble Metal Catalyst can be recovered totally, as our filters are totally closed systems and can be cleaned in-situ. This leads to substantial savings per annum due to almost zero spillages
  4. Absolutely safe for handling flammable catalyst because of closed system design and no human handling. Possibility of fire hazard while handling flammable catalyst is prevented
  5. Residual ML / washing solvent can be removed without opening the filter assembly because of a separate arrangement provided inside the assembly. This is a unique arrangement which helps in increasing the product yield.
  6. Our system can be used repeatedly without opening, by online back flushing, thereby reducing downtime
It's time to switchover from conventional sparkler filters & bag filters for your catalyst recovery applications. Contact us for the better alternative.


These type of filters find application in noble metal catalyst recovery applications.