Charcoal / Carbon Removal

Charcoal Carbon Removal Filter
Charcoal Carbon Removal Filter
Charcoalization or Carbon addition is a frequent operation during manufacturing of products. This is done for de-colorization and / or de-odorization of product preparations.


The effective removal of this added carbon powder calls for use of conventional bag filters or sparkler filters. The operation & maintenance of these types of filters is a time consuming & tedious affair which affects the productivity. Our Carbon removal filters are more streamlined & user friendly designs which not only replace outdated methods of filtration but also offer a host of advantages, some of which are listed below.


  1. Cleanable SS316L filter media offered. Zero recurring cost as the filter media can be cleaned and reused for several years
  2. Minimum to Zero initial recirculation needed, as clear filtrate is obtained by single pass filtration. Hence time and energy are saved
  3. Our system can be used repeatedly without opening, by online back flushing, thereby reducing downtime
  4. The carbon cake can be discharged by blowback and cleanly recovered in an attached vessel.
  5. Residual liquid holdup can be removed without opening the filter assembly with the help of a separate arrangement provided inside the assembly
  6. Our filters are totally closed systems and can be cleaned in-situ. This helps to attain almost zero spillages, which make our filter an absolutely clean GMP model, fit for use in clean rooms
It's time to switch over from conventional sparkler filters & bag filters for your carbon removal applications. Contact us for the better alternative.


Deodorization, De-colorization operations where carbon is to be removed from slurries.