Cleanable-reusableOur cleanable / re-generable ranges of filter cartridges eliminate your recurring costs of replacing conventional filter cartridges after exhausting their service life.

These cartridges are zero particle shedding and hence prevent any product contamination. They are ideally suited for high pressure and high temperature applications. They can be cleaned by back-flushing with water or any suitable medium, thereby providing trouble free operation for several years. They have higher buckling strength and are adequately reinforced for high pressure applications. These cartridges can be offered with various end fittings viz. 1" BSP, DOE, Code 7, Code 8, etc. to fit into standard filter housings.

Products in this category

Multilayered SS 316L / Hastelloy C-22 cartridges

Multilayered SS 316L / Hastelloy C-22 cartridgesMade of fusion bonded 5 layered SS 316L meshes / Hastelloy C-22 meshes.

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Pleated SS 316/304 mesh cartridges

Pleated SS 316/304 mesh cartridgesPleated SS 316/304 mesh cartridges offer the convenience of having a larger filtration area within a small enclosure since the media is pleated and enclosed within a cage of suitable diameter.

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Sintered Titanium filter cartridges

Sintered Titanium filter cartridgesMade from compacted pre-graded Titanium granules.

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Sintered Fibre Felt cartridges

Sintered Fibre Felt cartridgesThese cartridges are made from Sintered Fiber felt media

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SS 316L Slot tube cartridges

SS 316L Slot tube cartridgesMade of spirally wrapped surface profile on axial supports

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Sintered SS 316 cartridges

Sintered SS 316 cartridgesMade from compacted pre-graded SS 316 / SS316L granules. Welded endcaps provided to prevent filtrate bypass.

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