Inline Conical Filters

Inline Conical Filter
Inline Conical Filter
Inline Conical Filter
Inline Conical Filter
Kumar Inline Conical Filters are 'user friendly' designs created by our technical experts. Inline Conical Filter is designed as the most cost effective alternative to conventional double cone sintered glass filters currently being used by the pharma industry.


These filters, in fact, are so unique that this design has been patented and widely used all over India as an effective replacement for glass filters. These filters are available as off-the-shelf items with a multiple choice of inlet/outlet connections varying from 1/4" - 1" BSP/NPT connections to suit different applications in use. The filter media used are sintered S.S. porous discs.


  1. Wide choice of porosity ratings from 100 to 0.5 microns which can be used interchangeably in the same housing to suit applications requiring different filtration grades. The housings can be easily dismantled and assembled for easy replacement of discs to face any eventualities
  2. Special 'envelop gasket' prevents bypass at pressures as high as 150 psi. The gaskets are offered in various materials like Silicon, EPDM, Viton etc. to ensure trouble-free operation even with a wide range of solvents and can withstand in-situ steam sterilisations at 1250 C
  3. The filters can be easily cleaned, as the filter discs can be easily removed and subjected to simple cleaning methods involving less hazardous dilute acids/solvents unlike strong oxidising acids like chromic acids used for cleaning glass filters
  4. The 'unbreakability' feature is also a boon for faraway places which either may not have immediate replacements for glass filters in the event of breakages or may have to hold a substantial stock of the same. Inline Conical Filters being unbreakable and regenerable do not pose such a problem to the user


These Inline Conical Filters are ideally suited for small volume filtration in industries and laboratories. These filters are also ideally suited for inline filtration in the product filling, washing and sealing lines of pharmaceuticals, injectables, food products, gases, instrumentation air and similar requirements which require small flows but precision filtration. Some of these filters in fact have been modified to withstand even 4500 psi rating for certain gas analysers. These Inline Conical Filters are also modified as multiporous bench filters which can be used in place of sintered glass funnels/gooch crucibles. Available in disc sizes of 47 mm and 80 mm with respective hold up volumes of 100 ml and 500 ml. Suitable for vacuum as well as pressure filtration in laboratory scale.

Other details:
  1. Model S, M & L have standard connections of 8, 12 and 17 mm respectively. Special connections like Tri-Clover, Flange, Ferrule, etc. are available on request
  2. Sealing Gaskets, in Silicon as standard, unless specified
  3. All S.S. units internally electropolished to 180 grit
  4. All polypropylene units have SS 316 flexible hose nipples as standard. P.P. nipples are available on request