Lab Scale & Pilot Scale Filtration Test Facility

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The selection & sizing of an optimal filtration system can be done by conducting trials on representative samples. Simulation of operating parameters is done while conducting trials which help in generation of accurate data. Trials give us an insight into the fluid characteristics & the problems faced during filtration. This helps in selection of the correct M.O.C, type & grade of filter best suited for the application.

We understand and recognize the importance of testing and have set up a test facility in our premises. This test facility is a first of its kind offered in the industry.

Lab scale trials can be conducted with small volume samples. The information gathered from lab scale trials is used as a foundation for subsequent pilot scale trials. The pilot scale test facility in our premises allows customers to conduct trials with 80-100 liters volume. Different types of filters can be tested, while monitoring the differential pressures, flow-rate, clarity etc. Scale-up for plant scale design is done after analyzing the data generated during pilot scale trials.

Our state of the art laboratory is equipped with a high precision laser particle analyzer which works on the principle of laser diffraction. It detects particle sizes as fine as 0.04 micron and provides a graphical/tabulated data of the particle size as well as its percentage quantity.

This data helps greatly in determining the various grades of filters required to trap the particles, which is essential for recovery of expensive products or noble metal catalysts.

This emphasis on testing during design stage, coupled with our vast experience since 1978, helps us to offer truly customized solutions to our customers' filtration problems.