Multilayered SS 316L / Hastelloy C-22 cartridges

Multilayered SS 316L
Multilayered SS 316L
Made of fusion bonded 5 layered SS 316L meshes / Hastelloy C-22 meshes.


Multilayered filter cartridges can be offered in various diameters, made by rolling multilayered media sheets and they have a welded long seam.


  1. Made of fusion bonded 5 layered SS316L / Hastelloy C-22 meshes
  2. High Mechanical Strength
  3. Orientation of adjacent mesh layers with maximum overlapping of pores ensuring higher permeability
  4. Higher flow rate at lower pressure drops
  5. Zero media Migration & easy to clean
  6. Available in porosities ranging from 150 Micron to 1 Micron
  7. Available in 10", 20", 30" & 40" Lengths


Filtration of viscous fluids, Recovery of Noble Metal catalysts, Gas sparging