Pleated Membrane cartridges

Sterile Membrane Filter Cartridge
Sterile Membrane Filter Cartridge
Pleated Membrane Filter
Pleated Membrane Filter
These cartridges offer extended area of filter membranes. Useful for continuous filtration of liquids & gases.


Pleated membrane cartridges function on the principle of surface filtration. These cartridges due to their unique pleated design offer up to 8 times more filtration area compared to depth style filter cartridges. Extended filtration area results in longer service life.


  1. Higher dirt holding capacity per cartridge
  2. Filter membrane provided with media support layers
  3. Media side seam thermally bonded to ensure absolute leak-tight seal
  4. Internal core & external cage provided for strengthening the cartidge
  5. Available in porosities ranging from 100 Micron to 0.01 Micron absolute
  6. Membranes available in PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE
  7. Cartridges can also be offered in entire PVDF or entire PTFE construction for corrosive applications
  8. Can be subjected to in-situ steam sterilization*
  9. Provided with validation documents*
  10. Integrity can be tested with bubble point test method
  11. Various end cap configurations available as per international codes to fit standard filter housings
* Contact us for further details


Pharmaceutical/Chemical final products, processed water, beverages & syrups,Distilled Water, DM water, Sterile Vents, Compressed air.