Membrane Holders

Membrane holders
Membrane holders
Membrane Holders are commonly used in the industry for sterile/non-sterile filtration of pharmaceutical preparations.


Conventionally Membrane holders are used for filtration of small volumes of pharmaceutical preparations, opthalmic solutions etc through sterile membranes viz. 0.45 or 0.2 Micron. The membrane holder assembly is offered in SS316L with mirror polished internal surfaces. The Internals contain a perforated support and a flow distribution plate. The assembly can be tightened with 6 nos specially provided bolts. Sealing is provided by food grade Silicone O rings. Our membrane holders can also be offered with cleanable SS316 filter disc of 2 micron over which the sterile disposable membrane is placed. This helps the user to conduct pre-filtration as well as sterile filtration in a single pass.


Compact, user friendly, ideal for clean rooms.


Filtration of small volume pharmaceutical preparations.