Spun Bonded Cartridges

Spun bonded PP Filter
Spun bonded PP Filter
Manufactured by thermal bonding of Polypropylene fibers


The filtration mechanism in depth style filter cartridges depends on cross sectional thickness of cartridge. When the fluid flows across the filter media, the contaminants get trapped within the matrix of the media. The thickness imparts large dirt holding capacity for trapping the contaminants.


  1. Extruded from thermally bonded pure polypropylene micro fibers
  2. Graded density traps larger particles near the surface & smaller particles within the filter matrix
  3. Greater void volume
  4. Available in various micron ratings
  5. High dirt holding capacity & increased service life
  6. Available in standard lengths of 10", 20", 30" & 40" to fit standard filter housings
  7. Offers lower pressure drop, reduces replacement time
  8. Bonded self formed internal core to prevent fibers from entering filter stream


Pre-filtration in process, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, residential water, food & beverages, vegetable oils, printing inks, electronic industry, fluids etc.