Our disposable range of filters offer economical alternatives which are cost effective for low value applications.

The disposable range of filters consist of continuous wound or thermally bonded spun fiber filter cartridges. Absolute rated pleated membrane filter cartridges too belong to this category, which need replacement at the end of their service life.

Products in this category

Sintered PP

Sintered PPThe cartridges are made of fusion bonded polypropylene granules.

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Spun Bonded Cartridges

Spun Bonded CartridgesManufactured by thermal bonding of Polypropylene fibers

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Wound yarn cartridges

Wound yarn cartridgesManufactured by continuous winding of PP, Cotton, Nylon, Glass-fiber.

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Pleated Membrane cartridges

Pleated Membrane cartridgesThese cartridges offer extended area of filter membranes. Useful for continuous filtration of liquids & gases.

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Coalescing filters

Coalescing filtersUsed for separation of moisture & free oil from compressed air/gases.

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