Sintered Fibre Felt cartridges

Sintered Fiber Felt Media Filter
Sintered Fiber Felt Media Filter
These cartridges are made from Sintered Fiber felt media


SS316 fibers are compressed together and sintered to make SS316 Fiber felt media. This non-woven felt media is then used to manufacture cartridges. The Endcaps as well as the seams are welded. Resins/Adhesives not used in the manufacture of these type of cartridges.


  1. Made up of SS316 Fiber felt media
  2. Easy to dislodge trapped particulates by dusting or blowing with air
  3. Fully welded construction
  4. Reinforced with internal & external core
  5. Ideal for trapping powders , fine particulate matter
  6. Available in porosities ranging from 40 Micron to 1 Micron
  7. Manufacturing can be done as per required dimensions


Filtration of powders, trapping particulates from vacuum / compressed air lines. Filtration of gels from molten monomers at high temperatures etc.